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Job Seeker’s Section: provides FREE access to all jobs in Liberia. There are also resources available for career advancement. You can also post your CV, Resumes, and we could contact you about a job that matches your CV. You can view our site even on your mobile phones. You don’t have to check newspapers because all the jobs are available on our site.

Employer’s Section: provides the fastest and most effective way to recruit the best employees. You can also post your jobs online for all Liberians including those in the rural areas and Liberians outside the country. We have searchable database of freshly updated CVs and candidates’ short listing.

Space to Advertise:

There are over millions of people both in and outside Liberia who are viewing our site every day. provides you the opportunity to send in your adverts and make your business well known in Liberia’s and the rest of the world.

Employer of the Month: gives you the opportunity to vote for the employer of the month. Which organization is employing more people?

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  • Leadership and Career Planning training
  • Business Partnering Training
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  • Human Resource Training
  • Talent Development Training
  • Team Building Training
  • Organization Development
  • Human Resource Technology Learning
  • Customer Services Training
  • Website Designing and Maintenance
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